Boom, Boom, Bang!



Fireworks Season can be difficult; from youngsters to older pets, anxiety can develop at any age, although most pets will start to show signs between 1 and 3 years old.

It is important to recognise signs of anxiety in our pets:

Hiding or trying to get out of the house
Chewing toys/furniture
Urinating/passing faeces inappropriately

There are steps you can take at home when the firework noise starts:

Place your pet in the quietest room of the house
Draw the curtains
Put on some background noise (radio/tv)
Remain calm, don’t react when your pet does, or the behaviour is reinforced

If things are still bad, there are many different options for therapy, including:

Behavioural desensitisation therapy – this is a long term option, so have a think about it for next year
DAP and Xylkene
Short acting medication

There are some older drugs that used to be prescribed, but these have been superseded by newer options

In all cases, talk to your vet practice, they will be able to provide advice tailored to your pets particular circumstances

Fireworks season doesn’t have to be traumatic for any member of your family


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