Worms and Fleas 

This may be a subject you know oodles about, or perhaps it raises the question of ‘why do we need to use flea and worm treatment?’

So why do we need to worm?

1) To protect our pets health 

Worms live inside the body

We only see them when they die and pass outside in faeces 

Worms spread from dog to dog by microscopic eggs passing out of the worm into faeces, then into the mouth of the next dog and so on

2) To protect our health

As easily as worms pass from dog to dog, they can get into humans if we put our fingers in our mouths, or prepare food without good hand washing

It’s really important to be careful with pets and babies, and young children need to be reminded to wash hands well with soap using the correct hand washing technique

My dog doesn’t have fleas!

Well, it is unlikely to if you use Advocate Spot-on (or a vet prescribed product) on all your pets every 30 days


However, if you do see fleas on your pet then these are the possible reasons:

1) Fleas are present in the home/car/shed/garage and are hatching out, hopping onto the dog, then dying once they’ve been affected by the flea product on the dogs skin

If the dog has only had one or two flea treatments, the house may need spraying too

2) Fleas are present on your cat and hop onto the dog, you need to treat all pets and the house and car too, Stronghold is a fantastic product for both dogs and cats 


Note: Stronghold kills fleas more slowly than other products, so you are more likely to see dopey fleas wandering around. I recommend Stronghold for pets with flea dermatitis as it stops fleas from biting (and feeding) very quickly after being applied.  

3) Fleas and/or flea eggs are being brought into your home from other animals or a neighbours/friends house, the eggs hatch and the fleas jump onto the dog…
…Difficult to control this one! 

However you can spray your house with a spray recommended by your vet, and encourage your friends to routinely treat their pets 

So for a flea and worm free house and in order to protect your whole family (babies and fur-babies alike!), you need to treat with vet prescribed products at the recommended interval!

Need a vet in Surrey?


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