Does my cat have fleas?

Cats often eat any fleas in or on their coat when they are grooming, which makes it difficult for us to know if there is a flea problem!

Sometimes the only signs are the cat scratching and itching, or us humans getting flea bites, usually on the ankles and lower legs. 

Here’s a great way to investigate:
What you will need:

Flea comb, piece of white A4 paper, piece of wet cotton wool or white toilet paper
 Using the flea comb:

Carefully and slowly comb as close to the skin as you can, through the coat along the back, towards the tail
Take the hair and any bits from the comb and spread carefully on the white A4 paper

If you see any black bits, put these onto the damp cotton wool

If you disturb the black specks and they produce a red/brown area on the wet cotton wool, then that is flea poo!
You have confirmed a flea infestation!

Talk to your vet about the best way to treat all pets and your house 


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