Sago Palm Toxicity 

This is a popular uk plant that although decorative, is in fact severely toxic to dogs.
Now that summer is here and we are taking trips to the garden centre, this is plant we may well buy and introduce to our gardens. 

It is a large ornamental garden or conservatory plant, it can also be found as a house ‘bonsi’ plant.

All parts of the plant contain a chemical called cycasin, which when eaten, causes severe liver damage.


Damage to the liver can appear as anything from mild vomiting, through to lethargy, jaundice, seizures and even death.

If you have this plant, and you notice any unusual signs in your dog, phone your vet and tell them. 


Signs to watch out for:




Loss of appetite 

Drinking more



Black faeces


Signs can develop anytime from 15 minutes through to 3 days. 

The sooner treatment can be started then the greater the chance of a good outcome, although there is a significant risk of death if this plant is eaten.
I need a vet in Surrey
I need a vet in The Midlands


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